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This is the first release by English folk act Grendel's Sleep. We are already recording more songs for a second E.P. The limited edition physical CD digipack version is available at www.kingpenda.com from April 28th 2013, and is only £5.99 postpaid in the UK. Thanks for listening.


released April 15, 2013

All music and lyrics (c) Grendel's Sleep 2013 except:
Track 3 - setting of a poem by William Blake
Track 6 - music and lyrics by Quorthon of Bathory and used with kind permission of Black Mark Productions, Sweden.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Winterman
Over sloping roads
Walks the Winterman
With his soft edge cloak laying still
All the skins of summer will see his face
But you’ll never see it

In the silver halls I can hear his crown
Overthrowing autumn with white
But her yellow eyes melt his icy tears
To run wet in the night

But then the fourth
Will whisper snow on
And so she falls
to sleep with no one
and from their beds
in woods they gather
to seek the truth
the light of winter

When the will to burden the glare of fire
And the time of spears is gone
I could choose to wait for the winterman
On his return.
Track Name: On the Threads of Spring
As we file through the gate
In the clothes that see no light
Stare at words upon the graves
Piece together threads of time
Mouth the hymns into the page
In the garden stand a while
In restless dreams we walk away

On the threads of spring
What the winter stole
Bursts in offering
With no care or thought
And when petals blow
Shake their feathered edge
Joys the birds will sing
Of which we are unaware

In the lane the strangers wait
Right on time
Knowing every hour they gave
And the price
All around the branches shake
Watch us sigh
Quietly they finger-paint
From the sky

From the threads of spring
What the winter stole
Leaves me wondering
Why the world still turns
Maybe petals know
with their feathered edge
and the birds that sing
with the one that we left there.
Track Name: The Little Vagabond
Dear Mother, dear Mother, the Church is cold,
But the Ale-house is healthy & pleasant & warm;
Besides I can tell where I am use'd well,
Such usage in heaven will never do well.

But if at the Church they would give us some Ale.
And a pleasant fire, our souls to regale;
We'd sing and we'd pray, all the live-long day;
Nor ever once wish from the Church to stray,

Then the Parson might preach & drink & sing.
And we'd be as happy as birds in the spring:
And modest dame Lurch, who is always at Church,
Would not have bandy children nor fasting nor birch.

And God like a father rejoicing to see,
His children as pleasant and happy as he:
Would have no more quarrel with the Devil or the Barrel
But kiss him & give him both drink and apparel.
Track Name: Far Away From Summer
Far away from summer
Something desires
To know your name
Not the one you are known by
But the one that you are
On the chase something
coaxing you into the open plains
In the woods we would tell you
To stay in the cool green

A secret between you
And summer far away
Only you and summer
Know your true name

Far away something
Asks of the stars
If they know your name
But they’ll always obscure it
Though it looks intently
Far away something
Waits in the darkness
to guess your name
Should it ever achieve it
You would no longer be

A secret between you
And summer far away
Only you and summer
Know your true name

Hide your name
Hide your name
‘til the end of the summer
Someone wants your name
Track Name: Golden Mother
Inside the rolling hills that softly hold the sky
Is where the orchards heave with fruit for the shires

When all is a plenty
The wise watch the skies

When the path is filled with rust that chatters on the dirt
In the lands where sun is low preparedness is our worth

When all is a plenty
The wise watch the skies
Track Name: Song to Hall Up High
I know you watch over me
Father of all the past
And all that will ever be
You are the first and the last

The watcher of all that lives
The guardian of all that died

The one-eyed God way up high
Who rules my world and the sky

Northern wind take my song up high
To the Hall of glory in the sky
So its gates shall greet me open wide
When my time has come to die